Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walgreens Trip 3/23

I hope this won't be
I didnt want to post all 5 transactions so heres a quick Break down.
I went to 3 Stores and did 5 transactions in total

30 tomato sauce w/ Walgreens in store Coupon  3/$1
1 Arrid XX  w/ Walgreens in store .99
3 Tena Ultra Thins Sale $9.99 each ($10 RR back for each = FREE) PLUS $2.50 Profit see below!
2 Celadrin Soft Gels for Joints Sale $10 Each ( $10 RR back for each = FREE)
2 Airwick $7.99 Sale buy 1 get one free

I got (38 items) in the pic above for $10.85 and got back $20 rrs!!

On each Transaction I flipped the rr's
1st transaction I paid for Celadrin Soft Gels with yesterdays $10 rr from Tena ultra thins
Then 2nd transaction I got the Tena ultra thins and paid with the Celadrin rr and did that a few times

I found coupons for the Airwick deal I posted yesterday so I got them FREE! will get another set tomorrow :)

I didn't know till last night when I went on to she has a coupon link for Tena Ultra Thins $2.50 off which is great so that is a $2.50 Profit!! 

Here is an example-
on one transaction I got the tena ultra thins used the $2.50 coupon and also got 9 tomato sauce which the overage covered that so out of pocket on a that transaction was $1.19 and got back $10 rr

Its all about flipping the rr's and using coupons to sweeten the deal!!


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