Thursday, July 29, 2010

Publix Trip 7/29

I did really good today didn't take a but I got $73 worth of food for $44!

I love that Publix takes competitors coupons!!
I used 2 Albertsons coupons today $5 off $50 and an in ad Albertsons coupon for Pork Tenderloin buy 1 get 2 FREE! each one was $11.28 so I got 3 for $11.28!!
(mom makes Pasteles/mofongo with them ...mmmm)

I will go back tomorrow to get another set of Pork Tenderloin also Albertsons has an in store coupon for London Broil buy 1 get 2 FREE which I will also get tomorrow!!!
They also have B1G2 Free Pollock Fillets.

Then to top it off I asked the manager "I know you take competitors coupons and also Walgreens rr's but do you take CVS ebs"  " Why, Yes we do"  he said.  So I also took off another $3 using eb
Hey its a bit tight now son going to college in 3 weeks and I will be closing on a house in 6 weeks I must cut corners to save!!

Oh and My husband had a cow the entire time he hates to shop and with me especially when I use coupons (he likes to be in and out) and then when I called the manager over he's like "DEB"!!  lmao!
Oh well I got to do what I got to do!! He was amazed as he watched the price go down and