Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Publix Trip 2/23

Promo they had was buy 20 products take off $5 off Participating General Mills Products.

10 Totinos Pizza 10 for $10
10 Progessive soup $2.29 sale b1g1 FREE
8 Purex Laundry Soap sale $4.99 each
2 Boxes Luigi Italian Ice $2.99 each sale B1g1 FREE
1 bag Idaho Potatoes $2.49
1 Publix Paper towel 1.34
4 libby vienna sausage .54 each
2 lysol cleaner $3.19 sale B1G1 FREE
1 land of Frost 1lb Ham Sale $3.49 (not pictured forgot)
1 land of Frost 1lb Turkey Sale $3.49 (not pictured forgot)
2 Mueller sea shells $1.19 each B1G1 FREE
2 Mueller Spaghetti $1.19 each B1G1 FREE
2 Crisco olive oil $5.89 B1G1 FREE
1 publix eggs
2 Kraft Single cheese sale 2/$5.00
1 publix cream Cheese .89
1 goya sazon $1.49

coupons used:
$10 off $50 (winn dixie)
$5.00 off promo
4/ b1g1 free Purex laundry soap
2/.75 lysol cleaner
2/$2 Land of frost cold cuts
2/$1 Progresso soup
2/.75 Crisco olive oil
1/$1 Kraft cheese when you buy 2 (target coupon)

Total $56.93
Saved $102.14
Cashier and customer asked me how I did that...lol
It is diffidently much better than I used to shop!


look what I got in the mail today!!

I don't remember which blogger mentioned this but I filled out to get a free T-shirt all I had to do was fill in the blank.
The world's Greatest____ in the the world!
It don't make much sense but hey it was free....lol

I was just telling a friend of mine today it don't hurt to fill out to win stuff I've won a few things. I will post a few contests I have found soon ;)