Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a Score!

**Update- Found another table after ebs $4!!!

Wow .. It's been awhile hope all is well! I've been keeping busy unpacking is no fun finally down to about 20 boxes! I went today to Sweetbay and got 9 packs of steak only paid for 3 packs using Albertsons coupon buy 1 get 2 FREE (in flyer)even the cashier said " I need to get me some of their fliers"..lol
I've really been stocking up on meat .  I just got a flyer this week for ribs :)

The other day I went with my mother in law to Cvs saw a patio set on Sale $32.99 but I decided to wait till I got some bills out. Then yesterday my father in law went and he got $6 eb so I decided to go back today to use it hoping they still had it left ,When I got there I didn't see it they had it in the back room and to my surprise the lady scanned it and it was on clearance for $12.99!
Minus $6 eb I paid $6.99!!!
They had 2 sets left someone already prepaid for one, I was so glad I got the other one!  :)

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