Monday, March 29, 2010


I had to stop at Publix after work hubby said we needed a few things got milk, 2 meat, 3 packs cheese, 2 bacon and a few other things, I didn't have my coupon pocket book with me, however I did find a free coupon in their Publix paper for
Also I remembered I had the $10 off $20 coupon for Kmart.
anyway at check out I handed the cashier my coupon she said hold on a minute she asked the next cashier she then tells me "sorry you can't use that" I asked why she said " they are not a competitor, "they don't sell food" huh yes they do,(also I was told Other Publix were taking it) she said 'NO" . OK no problem My order was $31. as I was leaving I asked who is the manager I was was curious to ask. she pointed him out I went up to him and showed him my coupon and told him the cashier said it was no good I thought you take competitors coupons he said yes we do and she absolutely wrong, he went behind the register at customer service and handed me $10 back and said sorry! Good thing I asked :)
so now my order is $

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