Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Walgreens Trip 3/2 tues

1st store

2 Suavitel $2.79 sale B1g1 Free
4 Purex Laundry Soap $5.99 sale B1g1 Free - used 2/ b1g1 free coupons =FREE !!

Total with Tax =$3.83

I bought the last 4 so on my way home I stopped at another walgreens

2nd store

1 Walgreens Aluminum foil $1.19
5 dawn dish soap sale .99 each
6 Purex Laundry Soap $5.99 sale B1g1 Free - used 3/ b1g1 free coupons =FREE !!

used $4 RR
Total with Tax $3.83
saved $44.94

wow that's funny I didn't mean to do that I was telling my husband both my orders are the same price and I got different stuff! weird!!!!

so total of both orders only$7.66!

I did awesome just love it.. with thanks to all the emails I got of the sale! Oh My father in law he is funny he tells me to sell my stock , I'm like are you kidding and I warned him not to give any away to his friends those coupons are hard to come by and with a great sale woo hoo I'm stocked with laundry soap for a long time...lol. also I have a son who will be starting college in a few months so I'm stocking up on lowest prices possible!! I'm never paying full price again!!!!



  1. I came upon this while searching for a printable suavitel coupon and I was at first wowed by how cheap you got everything for,,until I read your detail. I have to say as an honest couponer myself and if you are one yourself what you have done in both transaction is WRONG-- this is why so many of us get the "look" even when we are doing the right thing, this is what I would call coupon abuse, maybe you weren't aware of it, but it is.
    first of all basic wording;

    "one per transaction"- this means I can only use one of these coupon within a paying transaction, If i have two of these I must pay separately.

    "one per purchase" - means for every coupon i present I must have an item purchase to go with it, If i am presenting 1 coupon I MUST be buying (at least) 1, if i have 2 coupons I MUST be buying (at least) 2, so forth. **if the coupon is not a plural**

    $1 off 1 coupon is attaching itself to ONE (1) item. if you have this you would have to have that ONE qualifying item inorder to use it.

    $1 off 2 coupon is attaching itself to TWO (2) items. If you have this you would have to have TWO of the qualifying item inorder to use it.

    Buy 1 Get 1 free coupons are attached to two items. for every one coupon that you use you must have 2 of the qualifying item. ie. the Purex coupon is for b1g1 free, there for you have to have 2 purex inorder to use one coupon and since the store is having a b1g1 free sale making 2 free per every one (b1g1 cpn) coupon you have

    but up top on your detail you put that you used 4 b1g1 free coupons?? was that right or a mistype? because if you did use four coupons you should have gotten 8 bottles of purex.. maybe it was a typo,, but I am pretty sure you can understand where I am coming from. I love couponing and I believe everyone should coupon,,but it hurts me to see one abuse it in such a way.. Hope you understand. I mean you have followers, and they look after you,, like I say,, I just hate the "look" and sometimes I don't have the time to stand there and explain to these untrained cashiers about coupon...

    didn't mean any harm by writing this.

  2. yes It was a typo it is fixed now.
    Thanks for pointing the typo out Anonymous. I'm all about using coupons the right way.
    I did no such abuse. what I did was correct I used the correct amount of coupons with
    correct amount of items. so each transaction was correct.

  3. Nice job Debbie!! (Sherry3388 here)
    You *did* it the RIGHT way... regardless of Miss. Anonymous's teaching lesson above...lol.
    Your purchases matched your coupons....
    Perhaps the "typo" threw her off...
    But I didn't see the typo.

    Perhaps we can invite Miss. Anon to join us on HotCouponWorld.com ... where proper use of coupons is a MUST... and there are mannny threads/posts teaching of such.
    Perhaps she may be interested in partaking in some of those threads! The more the merrier!! All productive input is appreciated!! And all constructive input is also appreciated...but often can come off tacky...resulting in being under-appreciated.

    Anyhooo.... WTG on your shopping!! You did amazing!! You're an ole pro now!!

    XoXoXo ~