Saturday, February 13, 2010

Walgeens Trip 2/12 Fri

What a trip! I did great even though I'm sick, I couldn't pass up a deal!!
did the 15% off friends and family for each transaction I did 5!

a lot is missing it was raided before I can take

12 crest toothpaste
9 lindsay olives
1 - 12 pack shick razors
8 Fructis shampoo (had to throw in 2 extra for the $10 ecb to print due to the 15%)
3 dove mens face and body wash
1 - 6 pk orbit gum
1 gilette body wash
1 gilette deo
2 three musketeers
2 m&ms
2 snickers
2 Halls cough drops
1 airborne
2 wet ones

5 transactions (2 stores)
Total cash out of pocket $42.04! $18 RR left for next trip!
(I rolled over some of my rr's to the next order being very careful not to mess up!)

1 comment:

  1. You did great. And I'm even more impressed that you could think and be sick. I'm not so good at that one!