Sunday, January 10, 2010

Walgreens Trip 1/9 Sat

2 kelloggs cereal 2/$5.00 - $1. coupon
2 fruity pebbles Sale $1.79 each - $ 1 coupon (he gave me sundays price since sign was up)
2 stayfree maxi pads $6.29 each - used b1g1 free coupon and in store $3 off coupon
1 biore face scrub sale $3.79- $2 coupon
2 nivea face cream clearance .50 cents each
1 ruler clearance .50
2 cans hunts .99 each - in store coupon = .39 cents each
2 reach tooth brushes $3.99 each- used b1g1 free coupon and $2 in store coupon
2 reach floss 3.79 each- used b1g1 free coupon and $2 in store coupon

Paid $12.57 and I got back $2 RR
total savings $42.94

you know I was just telling my husband I wish I knew how to do this years ago, we wouldv'e saved so much and my god to think how I was struggling when I had to buy diapers and baby food 17 yrs ago, well guess its better later than never, my son is already learning for when he goes off to college in a few months.
I still need to master it like iheartwags she is awesome!
she also has iheartcvs and iheartriteaid
If you haven't seen her sites check them out!


  1. I'm just learning how to do this. They should have a college course on this! I think that I would be getting a failing grade.LOL

  2. I wish they did too! I know there are classes but I always hear them in texas or somewhere far from me. if you have walgreens or cvs learn from the Erica who I posted on my front page she is awesome! I also go to hotcouponworld and match my coupons with sales I am about to post a really good one I did I just love it I used to pay three times this in food! and now I'm stocking up big time ;)