Sunday, January 10, 2010

Publix Trip 1/9 Sat

Had to run to publix for a few packs of meat. Then I was walking down the isle and I saw Rubbermaid tubberware, I remembered seeing a post on it 40% off. I said to myself nice i have coupons too! I then only see that 1 sign was posted thought that was odd. get to regisister it doesn't ring up, of course I missed the sale it ended the day before but thanks to a sign still being up I was given the sale price with No problem
yippeee tubberware all mine seem to have vanished!!!

13 rubbermaid $3.19 each - 40% = $1.91 - 13/$ = .91 each!
$5.00 coupon from save a lot ($5 off $20) = $8.57 even the girl said wow!! lol
I was skipping all the way to the car in the rain..hehe

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