Friday, November 13, 2009

Woo Hoo!... I won 23 coupon inserts!!!

I Got this email this morning.....Friday the 13th!!!

The winner of 23 coupon inserts is Debbie who said ” I’m following and subscribed love your site!!” Debbie I have sent you an email, you will have 48 hours to claim your prize or another winner will be picked. The winner was picked by a 3rd party at, thanks to all who entered to win!
She is awesome! I have learned a lot from her check out her site!!
Thanks "Sarah" A thrifty mom!!

Can't wait to get my coupons ;)

Emailing Companies to Get FREE Coupons!

Kristen over at Couponing To Disney has spent the past 3 months emailing 5 different companies a day complimenting them on their products--with hopes of getting some coupons in return! She has now emailed a total of 250 companies and from those 250 emails, she has received coupons from 29 companies... and counting!

Here's a list of the 29 companies:
Bar-S - (complimented) $5 VIP Bar-S certificate and 4 25c off 1 Bar S coupons
Beechnut Babyfood - (complimented) $5 off $5 worth of Beechnut products (plus 2 sheets of 6 various Beechnut coupons)
Buddig - (complimented) (2) Free Budding Products
Campbell's - $2 off any Campbell's products
Cole's Garlic Bread - (complimented) Free loaf of Cole's garlic bread and 2 30c/1 Coles product.
Drano - (complimented) Free Drano product up to $6.75
Duracell - (complimented) Free any Duracell product up to 16 ct.
Eggland's Best - (compliment) - 1 free dozen of Eggland's Best eggs
Fisher Boy (compliment) (1) Free Fisher Boy Product
Hostess - (complimented) - 1 Free Wonder, Home Pride or Hostess product up to $2.50
J&J Snack Foods - Free pretzels and 50c off other various products
Kahiki - (compliment) (1) free product
Lakeview Farms - (compliment) (3) free Lakeview Farms
Michelina's - (complimented) (2) Free Michelina's products.
On-Cor - (complimented) 2 Free On-Cor Entrees and one $1.00 off any On-Cor
Oust - (complimented) Free Oust Air Sanitizer
Pepperidge Farm - (compliment) Pepperidge Farm any product free up to $3 and 2 50c/1 Pepperidge Farm Products
Raid - (complimented on them for saving me when a wasp got in my house) Free Raid Product
Red Gold - (complimented) (2) Free 14.5 oz cans of Red Gold tomatoes and 2 Red Gold 50c/2 tomato products
Sally Hansen - (complimented) $5 off a product and (2) $3 off a product
Scrubbing Bubbles - (complimented) Free scrubbing bubbles up to $4
Simply Asia - (1) Thai Kitchen free product, (1) Simply Asia free product, (2) 50c off Thai Kitchen product and (2) 50c off Simply Asia product
Sister Schubert - (complimented) 1 free pack of rolls
Skintimate - (complimented) Free Skintimate up to $4
Sobe Life Water - (complimented) Free Sobe Life Water
Sunsweet - (compliment) Any Sunsweet product free!
Sweet Baby Rays - (complimented) 1 free Baby Ray Product and $1 off 1
Windex - (complimented) (2) Free Windex products (the coupons were kind of stuck together so it was probably suppose to be 1)
WolfGang Puck Soups - (complimented) Free can of WolfGang Puck Soup

What a great way to build up your stash of coupons and even better, for products you actually like and use! I would suggest, just like Kristin did, to set aside time each day to email a few companies... maybe 2 or even 10. If you email a few companies everyday for a year, just imagine all the coupons you'll be receiving on a regular basis! Pretty motivating, huh? I think I may have to email a few companies right now!

**If you need more ideas for companies to email, then make sure to check out this post over at Couponing To Disney. If you scroll down a little, you'll see a long alphabetical list of the 250 companies she emailed! You can also check out her post here where she discusses why it's a great idea to start doing this and how to personalize your emails for each company you decide to write.