Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Kmart Shopping Trip 9/5

Kmart had a double coupon sale which ended today,So I gathered all my coupons and something told me to call the store only one in Sarasota, and of course they weren't having the sale there (will be in a few weeks) I then called another store they had the sale, so I drove with my mother in law almost 40 minutes to that store! I know crazy but I just had to try my coupons even got some FREE stuff thanks to the doubling of coupons. I cant brake it down as well as others on here but I will try.

Had coupons for everything (except pudding)

11 bottles of carpet fresh ( $2.19x11= $24.09 - $22.00 =$2.09!!)
10 pudding snacks( had wrong coupon but no prob they were 99 cents each)
2 ziploc vac pumps ($3.99x2=$7.98 FREE had coupon)
6 ziplock boxes
2 herbal suave shampoo
2 clorox
2 glade candles ($5.99 x 2 $11.98- $8. coupons =$3.98)
3 glade 20z soy candles (3x$3.29= 9.87 FREE had coupons)
2 glade sense and spray ($5.99 x 2=$11.98-$8.00= $3.98)
2 Glade fabric spray
2 6pk of lever 2000 ($5.29x2=$10.58-$6.00=$4.58)
2 aluminum foil
1 409
3 hormel completes
1 rice krispies ($3.99 FREE had a coupon)
1 corn pops
1 sugar smacks
2 pop tarts
1 skintimate shaving cream
1 4pk dry erase markers
1 revlon compact mirror (.60)
2 lacross tweezer (FREE)
1 revlon 10 pk emery boards (FREE)
1 sally hanson nail polish
1 revlon cuticle trimmer (.49)
1 lacross toenail clip 2 pk (FREE)
1 nail polish (FREE)
1 8pk bounty towels
1 Febreze 30 hr candle ($7.49-$4.00=$3.49)

this was done on 4 transactions
added up all 4 receipts
1. $21.39
2. $15.04
3. $19.90
4. $16.63
Saved $86.08!!

Not bad for just learning the game!

I Can't wait till the store near me does their double coupon week I will be more prepaired and Hopefully learn more to save even more ;)

Here is a few pics I took


to My Blog!!!
Well, this is my first blog ever I don't know how this will go or how often I will blog. Kinda of weird talking to myself since I have no friends
I am going to try couponing like some do on here and on (debbie_1210) and plenty other sites.
I will put my finds,deals and everyday life on here and in the process hope to gain friends and learn more about the coupon
I have tons of coupons now, my mother in law and I just cut a bag full of coupons took a few hours had to organize and sort then have to post on hotcouponworld, see there for what I have updating real soon and thanks to my handy electric coupon cutting scissor it went pretty quick
(I have a few I will be selling I will post info and pic later)
I thought it was funny how much we had I had to take pics.
Well I hope you enjoy and Join me in my new blog world. ;)