Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walgreens Trip 12/9

I went to walgreens after work today, was excited to use my rr's I got the other day ($28 from sat) to get some stuff for free and to make back some rr's..

I did 3 separate transactions
but I made boo boo should've done 4 I had 4 hair products of same promo...oops

2 Conair vent brushes
2 scunchi hair accessories
1 Neutrogena face wash
1 Neutrogena face lotion
1 Biore night cream
2 bags of Bic razors 24 pack (not pictured)

I added up my 3 transactions came to $4.80 opp could have got away with using another rr to bring oop down again in a rush but hey I'm not complaining

I used $22 in rr's to pay and I got back $16 in rr's
going tomorrow to repeat this in another store and see if they have any more Biore on clearance ;)

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