Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Saving Experiment at walgreens *video*

Click on Link below go watch this video!!
Saving Experiments: can modern coupon clippers beat savers of the past?

By Julia Scott

  • One thing to remember about Walgreens RR is you can not use a ”chap stick RR” to pay for another chap stick and have another RR print. BUT you can use a “toothpaste” RR to pay for chap stick and have another RR print.
  • Also remember that Walgreens has a coupon item ratio rule, you can only use as many coupons as you have items. They count RR as coupons. So if I was only buying 4 items ( all of which had manufacture coupons which meant my item coupon ratio was already 4 to 4) I wanted to pay with a RR I would need to ad a filler item something cheap like a pencil. This would then make my coupon ration 5 ( 4 manufacturer coupons and 1 register reward) and my item ratio 5. I then could pay with my coupons and RR with no problem. An in store coupon does NOT count as a coupon in this ratio….just as a sale price.
  • Also remember that only one RR per product will print per transaction. For example If wanted to buy 3 bottles of Aussie shampoo. In order to have 2 RR print for each one I had to buy them in 3 transactions. My store is happy to let me go thru the line more than once ……but some store will limit you.
  • You can not pay for sales tax with a RR

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  1. Hello!
    I saw your post on my blog. The way I got the RR to be added to a GC was I bought as many items (cheapie things) as RR I had and then bought a GC as well and used the RR overage from the cheapie items to get the GC. Some WAGs do not allow you to do that however, so always check that out first.

    I hope this helps you out!