Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Saving Experiment at walgreens *video*

Click on Link below go watch this video!!
Saving Experiments: can modern coupon clippers beat savers of the past?

By Julia Scott

  • One thing to remember about Walgreens RR is you can not use a ”chap stick RR” to pay for another chap stick and have another RR print. BUT you can use a “toothpaste” RR to pay for chap stick and have another RR print.
  • Also remember that Walgreens has a coupon item ratio rule, you can only use as many coupons as you have items. They count RR as coupons. So if I was only buying 4 items ( all of which had manufacture coupons which meant my item coupon ratio was already 4 to 4) I wanted to pay with a RR I would need to ad a filler item something cheap like a pencil. This would then make my coupon ration 5 ( 4 manufacturer coupons and 1 register reward) and my item ratio 5. I then could pay with my coupons and RR with no problem. An in store coupon does NOT count as a coupon in this ratio….just as a sale price.
  • Also remember that only one RR per product will print per transaction. For example If wanted to buy 3 bottles of Aussie shampoo. In order to have 2 RR print for each one I had to buy them in 3 transactions. My store is happy to let me go thru the line more than once ……but some store will limit you.
  • You can not pay for sales tax with a RR

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Walgreens Trip 12/10

went to 2 stores did 4 transactions
did little mess up again! accident paid with same rr so I didn't get back $5 rr opps
I will keep doing this till I get it right and master it!

oop $ 6.39
I went with $22 in rr's now have $15
Receipt says your total savings, I added all 4 up SAVED $ 79.97
I Can't believe how much I'm saving, I just Love it!!

I'm in search for more of the biore cant beat .79 cents, I still have 3 more coupons left hopefully I can find another store ;)

and I saw next weeks freebies they good too!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Walgreens Trip 12/9

I went to walgreens after work today, was excited to use my rr's I got the other day ($28 from sat) to get some stuff for free and to make back some rr's..

I did 3 separate transactions
but I made boo boo should've done 4 I had 4 hair products of same promo...oops

2 Conair vent brushes
2 scunchi hair accessories
1 Neutrogena face wash
1 Neutrogena face lotion
1 Biore night cream
2 bags of Bic razors 24 pack (not pictured)

I added up my 3 transactions came to $4.80 opp could have got away with using another rr to bring oop down again in a rush but hey I'm not complaining

I used $22 in rr's to pay and I got back $16 in rr's
going tomorrow to repeat this in another store and see if they have any more Biore on clearance ;)

Biore deal at Walgreens

My store they only had 1 Box Left!!

I need to ck my other Walgreens tomorrow not bad .79 cents!!

Thanks to Melinda for passing along this thrifty deal!

Biore Skin Preservation “see the future” fortifying eye cream is on sale for $3.79. I have a coupon for $3 off the purchase of any skin preservation product. Coupon found in the 10/11 smart source. Final price only .79 cents a very thrifty deal!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Walgreens Trip 12/5

I went to 2 different stores...

did 5 transactions had mother in law with me

2 complete contact solution
2 dentek floss
2 goody elastic hair
4 olay quench body lotion
2 olay body wash
1 olay in shower
6 dawn dish soap
4 Gillette fusion power razors

$51.79 out of pocket
got $28.00 back in RR's
so I pd $23 not bad

I would've had another $12 back in rr but there was line forming on second trip and I was being rush and messed up one of the orders, this takes practice but im starting to get a hang of it I just hate being rushed I get
if I didnt mess up I wouldve paid $11