Saturday, September 5, 2009


to My Blog!!!
Well, this is my first blog ever I don't know how this will go or how often I will blog. Kinda of weird talking to myself since I have no friends
I am going to try couponing like some do on here and on (debbie_1210) and plenty other sites.
I will put my finds,deals and everyday life on here and in the process hope to gain friends and learn more about the coupon
I have tons of coupons now, my mother in law and I just cut a bag full of coupons took a few hours had to organize and sort then have to post on hotcouponworld, see there for what I have updating real soon and thanks to my handy electric coupon cutting scissor it went pretty quick
(I have a few I will be selling I will post info and pic later)
I thought it was funny how much we had I had to take pics.
Well I hope you enjoy and Join me in my new blog world. ;)


  1. Yowza that's a lot of coupons!!! Go Deb!

  2. LMBO!! looking for any special coupons before I post them ;)