Saturday, September 12, 2009

Walgeens Trip 9/12 Sat

Well I did pretty good today!
oh and the cashier today took 8 rr's on 1 transaction, I thought I could do that I had done it before, but the girl yesterday said I could only use 1 per transaction and guess what I found out today she is one of the managers and she don't know jack...lmbo!!
(update) each rr has to attach to an item, so as many rr's you have you must have that many items ;)

not in pic bottle of water......Paid $4.72 !!!
See she took all my RR's - 7 were regular and 1 $5 nail polish RR and for buying nail polish I got back $5 in RR's again Yeah!!!
(Special good till Sept 30 see walgreens website)

also with this transaction I was over charged scrub bubble gel was on clearance 3..99 to 2.19
on my way back home I stopped there and she gave me back $3.86 ;)
so $4.72-$3.86 I paid ONLY .96 Cents !!!!! (got $5RR back)

Next time I will be sure to watch as they ring up stuff or ck receipt right away thats the second boo boo I caught

did a total of 4 transactions including above here is a pic of all together

(2)Scrub bubble shower cleaner ( $19.99 on sale $9.99-$3 rr-$ $3.99)
(2) scrub bubble gels - 1 coupon and on clearance
(4) air wick warmers
(4) air wick refills
(3) sally hensen nail polish had 3 $1 off coupons (also got back $5rr)
(2) candle tins - special 2$5. (used 2/$1.50 off coupons found in tins ;)

total of all 4 transactions $22.93
also got back 1 $5 rr and 1 $1 rr

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