Friday, September 11, 2009

Walgeens Trip 9/11 Fri

ok I had a little hard time today Lady wouldn't let me use my RR's it kept beeping, I asked a pro for help I'm waiting on her word, Hey I'm still learning. I did pretty good but I'm sure I could have done better especially the second transaction I know I messed up ,had a rude cashier as well as those RR's not going through but i did get back $12.00 more In RR's (now I just need to learn to work them right..lmbo)!!

First Transaction
3 sally hansen Insta- Dri nail polish ($3.17 x 3=$9.41-$3.00 coupons =$6.51)
2 chex mix - (99 cents each -.50/2 coupon)
Total $8.66
-$5RR for next purchase $3.66

Second Transaction
1 Glade refill ($1.50 Off coupon)
2 glade reed diffuser ($3.00 off/2 coupon)
1 Glade 3 wick candle ($2.00 off coupon)
Total $16.47
I know I could have done better ..In Progress....

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  1. Had the same problem with RR's beeping when the cashier put them through last after rest of the mfg coupons. But (he was a mgr) and knew what to do. He voided the whole order, then ran it again this time putting the RR's through first before the rest of the coupons. Then it worked fine.