Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ipsy Glam Bag "Pretty in Pink" February 2016

Love the Pink nail polish its so pretty. The eye shadow has a smooth silky feel and its a nice color.
I thought the lipstick looking one was actually lipstick but it's not it's blush good thing I read the fine print.
I don't wear lip stick I'm a lip gross girl anyway ;)

I am disappointed that I received another perfume I've told them previously and its in my beauty profile that I'm allergic to it however this is the second time I've received perfume. Now is a perfect time to try a site for which you can swap or sell makeup , fragrance, skin care , jewelry, purses etc.

    I also received nail file not shown 

                                                            Makeup bag is too cute!!

Since I've gained some points I decided to use them to get some free product which came with this months glam bag both are for the eyes.

Love, Peace and Happiness

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Target Beauty Box

Everyone was raving about the Target Beauty box so I just had to get it and I'm so glad I did! 
I'm Officially addicted to sample

I absolutely love everything in it,  definitely worth the money! No wonder why it sells out so fast!

The target beauty box is a one-time purchase that is released about every season for only $7
and the box is usually valued between $28 - $35. 

                                  Each box includes a card with a description of the products

Find out more about these products and others like them at

Love, Peace and Happiness

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Here's another great beauty box by BirchBox, $10 a month (includes shipping). The box includes 4-5 high end beauty products that can be purchased in full size through their website.
For referral go here

Once you receive your box and have reviewed the products, simply log into your account and it will give you direct access to your personalized items as well as other great products. When you sign up, you fill out a profile that ensures that you are receiving products that cater to your specific needs. When you purchase products through the site, you earn points that are good for discounts ;)


  Each box includes a card with a description of the products.  

Love, Peace and Happiness

Friday, January 15, 2016

Ipsy All Eyes On You Glam Bag January 2016

          Received my Ipsy All Eyes On You Glam Bag I absolutely love this months bag! 


                           City Color - Eyeshadow Trio - " Falling Leaves"  Love these colors!

                     Mitchell and Peach - body cream  1.01 oz  - floral scent which smells good

                                     Smudge - Tache Eyeshadow brush- Can never have enough

                                           OFRA Eyebrow Pencil - Nice Brownish color

                             Mr, Write now Eyeliner pencil / crayon Eyeliner Browish color
                                       The color pretty much matches with the eyebrow pencil

                      If you’re interested in signing up for Ipsy,  here’s my referral link. Thanks!

Peace , Love and Happeniess

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Walmart Beauty Box

I received the Walmart Beauty Box which I happen to find at my subscription
The beauty box is a quarterly subscription you only pay shipping $5. 
They feature brands you will find at Walmart, plus coupons.

                               nspa by Nirvana Spa- Coconut Rich Body Butter- Love it!!
                               8 Soft touch Silicone Elastics

                               Verawang Embrace - Rose Buds and Vanilla
                              (I'm allergic to perfume So i gave it away)

                                Pantene Hairspray Extra Hold - 1 Oz

                                Aveeno Skin Relief Gentle Scent Lotion & Body Wash – 2 oz

                                Ken Paves - Smoothing Shampoo  .25 oz
                                Ken Paves Smoothing Conditioner .25 oz
                                Ken Paves Thick Conditioning Mask .25 oz
                                    I can't wait to try those samples :)

                 Root touch up by Clairol-  find your color & discover your match Card
                                                       with $2 off coupon

Olay Regenerist -Advanced anti-aging - Cream moisturizer with $3 coupon
Olay Regenerist- Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer with $3 coupon
                                             both are .002 oz

I would say it's about a $7 value still not bad for $5 and I get to try a bunch of new stuff all together there are 11 samples.

Love, Peace and Happiness

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chalkboard Label Mason Jars

I've been wanting to do this for awhile now. I'm obsessive with keeping things organized.
Martha Stewart has a set but its a bit pricey. I've also seen it on Pinterest and decided to do it myself. I found some mason jars at Walmart and I ordered Chalk board stickers off Ebay.

It's a quick project and the jars come in handy for other things as well. I think I will make a few for my crafts and jewelry.

I found a link that sells 3 jars with stickers ;) 3 Clear 16oz mason Jars with Chalkboard labels

Love, Peace and Happiness

Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Ipsy Glam Bag Arrived!

Received my first Glam bag from Ipsy. I Love it! (what lady wouldn't?)
Get 5 beauty products for $10 a month free shipping. Earn points for free product. Makes a great gift!
Pay monthly or yearly, with a year get 1 month free!
Use my Referral link

The Hello Lashes mascara 5 in one is awesome it will definitely be on my to get list.
Eyeliner I haven't tried yet (don't use eyeliner much since I got them tattooed lol) but i will soon.
The lipstick is nice however I don't wear lipstick. I'm a lip gloss girl but it went on smooth and was a nice color also all natural 100 % vegan.
The perfume smelled good but I have allergies so I traded with my coworker I got her to join, which i also received points for.
When you sign up you fill out a beauty profile. They say they'll match you with the best beauty products every month. However they happen to send me lipstick and perfume but overall I loved my bag cant wait to try the coconut oil conditioning treatment.

Looking forward to my next Glam Bag!

Love, Peace and Happiness

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Umbrella Stand and Planter

I bought this Umbrella for $2 and the basket for $1 at a garage sale. Solar light from big lots $4.99 The plants were on clearance for .50 cents at Lowe's. So I made my own shade for the deck 
it was Easy, fun and cheap! :)

I wasn't sure how the plants would turn out being they were dying but as you can see with a little love and care they look beautiful! 


Where flowers bloom so does hope ~ Lady Bird Johnson


Outdoor Ashtray

We are in the middle of doing our backyard its been a long time coming and just built a deck which hubby did a great job. (pictures to come soon) Anyway I have smokers over often and I figured why not make an outdoor ashtray. I no longer have to pull weeds and I'll be damned if I'm going to go around and pick up cigarette
I looked up purchasing one for our deck but most were costly so I decided to make one myself.
With the great help of my new addiction Pinterest I came up with this.
I Got the pail and solar light from dollar tree. Craft letters from Michaels that I happened to have and Play sand from Lowe's $3 (which I also use on next project coming soon) and left over deck wood pieces.

I must say it came in very handy I think I will try to make a strainer for easy cleaning ;)

Love , Peace and Happiness

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I'm Back!

Wow!! It's been such a long time since I've blogged hope everyone is in the best of health. I've really slacked using coupons & blogging and I need to get my groove back! 
I'm a new pinterest addict and for the past few weeks I've pinned tons of good stuff even done some projects that I can't wait to share!
Hope you look forward to my Couponing, projects, pictures , garage saling, gardening
I know I'm not a great writer or blogger but I do the best I can ;)

I hope you continue to follow me and spread the word of my blog! comments are always welcome!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cvs Trip 6/9

Surprisingly I did a really quick trip today I was in and out. I purchased only the sale stuff that I posted yesterday and I can't wait till tomorrow I think I can do this same transaction 4 more times! lol
They were out of the Free Excedrin ;(

2 John Frieda Hair Styling  $5 each  ~ Get $3 ECB 

Colgate Max Toothpaste $2.79  Get $2 ECB (Limit 2)
Ivory bar soap 3 pk  .99
Ban Deodorant $2.99   Get $2 ECB

Coupons Used
(2) $5/1 John Frieda coupons from 6/5 SS
$3/1 Oral B toothbrush from 6/5  P&G
$2/1 Crest Pro Health from 6/5 P&G
$2/1 Colgate Max toothpaste from 6/5 P&G
$.75/1 Ivory bar soap from 6/5 SS
$.75/1 Ban Deodorant
Used $9 in ECB

 Drum Roll.....

$2.69 OOP :)
and Got back $12.50 in ECB!

  • ECB = Extra Care Bucks printed on receipt after certain products are purchased
  • OOP = Out Of Pocket (money paid)
  • RP = red plum coupon insert from Sunday newspaper
  • RR = register rewards
  • SS = smartsource coupon insert from Sunday newspaper 
  • PG = Procter and gamble coupon insert from Sunday newspaper
Don't forget about using your Green Bag Tag when you shop for extra savings.
Special thanks to

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I won a basket!

Thanks to Joyful Expressions!  I won the contest for her basket!  So funny that my last post was of her contest. I've been
I going to give it to my sister and make her a konad addict!  I must admit I've been slacking on that too so much to do so little

Check out her blog enter to win other contests!
and here is her website


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Shatter Nail Polish

                    Here is a Nail Polish I just Love!! 

OPI 'Black Shatter' nail polish it is a top coat that dries to a crackly finish on top of any base nail color.  OPI released its new Black Shatter nail polish as part of a collaboration with pop star Katy Perry and tennis star Serena Williams.

Watch this video on how to apply the crackled top coat Black Shatter over your nails.

few of my pics ;)

Thanks for stopping by be sure to comment

Peace, Love and Happiness

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Konad Addict!

I've been on a Nail kick lately and I just love Konad Nail Art Stamping!
I've been getting a few plates here and there from joyfulexpressions she is great and has wonderful deals! (Thanks Sherry ;)

Also on her website you can enter to win a free kit she does a monthly drawing that's how I got my kit!

I Just got The KONAD Nail Art Image Plate Book it has 70 full colour pages of nail art design ideas. Each page features 28 nail art designs of each image plate.

Also instead of using a CD holder to hold all my plates I found on YouTube a video from a girl who had a wonderful idea check out the link to Why Buy the konad book?

Here are a few pics

Added a few Jems stones

Walgreens Trip 3/23

I hope this won't be
I didnt want to post all 5 transactions so heres a quick Break down.
I went to 3 Stores and did 5 transactions in total

30 tomato sauce w/ Walgreens in store Coupon  3/$1
1 Arrid XX  w/ Walgreens in store .99
3 Tena Ultra Thins Sale $9.99 each ($10 RR back for each = FREE) PLUS $2.50 Profit see below!
2 Celadrin Soft Gels for Joints Sale $10 Each ( $10 RR back for each = FREE)
2 Airwick $7.99 Sale buy 1 get one free

I got (38 items) in the pic above for $10.85 and got back $20 rrs!!

On each Transaction I flipped the rr's
1st transaction I paid for Celadrin Soft Gels with yesterdays $10 rr from Tena ultra thins
Then 2nd transaction I got the Tena ultra thins and paid with the Celadrin rr and did that a few times

I found coupons for the Airwick deal I posted yesterday so I got them FREE! will get another set tomorrow :)

I didn't know till last night when I went on to she has a coupon link for Tena Ultra Thins $2.50 off which is great so that is a $2.50 Profit!! 

Here is an example-
on one transaction I got the tena ultra thins used the $2.50 coupon and also got 9 tomato sauce which the overage covered that so out of pocket on a that transaction was $1.19 and got back $10 rr

Its all about flipping the rr's and using coupons to sweeten the deal!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Look what I found!

I was cleaning out my garden yesterday evening, pulling out weeds from the ground and in some pots. I pulled out what I thought was a weed turned out to be a  (Just a baby)
There is a stick that says carrots I went weed happy pulling wasn't paying attention. There are more I will give it a few weeks and pull

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wow! Can you believe this!!

Police said a postal worker stole coupons from his New York route and sold them at steep discounts on eBay to help pay his mortgage.

Investigators said Thomas Tang, 38, took more than 7,000 coupons from stacks dispersed on his route and those stored at the Corona branch where he worked, the New York Post reported Monday.

Tang told police he made $35,000 from JC Penny coupons alone selling them on eBay. Investigators said they were working to determine how much money Tang received from similar schemes involving coupons from Kohl's and Lowe's.

"I have two small children, and my wife is pregnant," court documents quote Tang as telling police. "I also have a mortgage, and I have to pay cash for my children's baby sitter. I did not want this to happen, but it was the only way I could avoid having my house foreclosed on."

Tang is charged with felony grand larceny.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a Score!

**Update- Found another table after ebs $4!!!

Wow .. It's been awhile hope all is well! I've been keeping busy unpacking is no fun finally down to about 20 boxes! I went today to Sweetbay and got 9 packs of steak only paid for 3 packs using Albertsons coupon buy 1 get 2 FREE (in flyer)even the cashier said " I need to get me some of their fliers"
I've really been stocking up on meat .  I just got a flyer this week for ribs :)

The other day I went with my mother in law to Cvs saw a patio set on Sale $32.99 but I decided to wait till I got some bills out. Then yesterday my father in law went and he got $6 eb so I decided to go back today to use it hoping they still had it left ,When I got there I didn't see it they had it in the back room and to my surprise the lady scanned it and it was on clearance for $12.99!
Minus $6 eb I paid $6.99!!!
They had 2 sets left someone already prepaid for one, I was so glad I got the other one!  :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Taking A Break!

Sorry I haven't posted lately, been keeping VERY busy! My son leaves for college in a few days and I'm also packing to move soon . Not sure when I will return its just a temporary break for now. I might post up a deal here and there 
until then see you soon! Be safe! and god bless!
Debbie ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Publix Trip 8/2

I did great today Best Trip EVER!! I couldn't wait to go home and show
Even met a nice couple and I passed along some helpful advice,  I love sharing savings with
others feel so good when I help out!  

Again use Albertsons coupons in flyer as previously blogged

B1G2 Free Pork Tenderloin
B1G2 Free London Broil


London Broil
$10.08 FREE
$9.78   FREE

Pork Tenderloin
$11.48  FREE
$11.43  FREE

Total $22.06
used $10 off Alberstons coupon from cereal deal
$12.06 !!! FOR MEAT !!! I almost passed


Saturday, July 31, 2010

Walmart Trip 7/31

I saw this on a blog last night. Walmart has Lysol no touch hand pump on sale $6.
use walgreens coupon from book $5 off =  $1 each!!!!
Walgreens coupon expires 7/31 


Friday, July 30, 2010

Albertsons Trip 7/30

Its great trips like this that get me so
I know some do even better but for me I think this is awesome! It seems the more and more I do this the more I save! I Can't wait till the day I do a $100 order for $4! lol
Until then this will do. Like I've said before I just wish I learned this years ago!!

 Deal is $2 each when you buy 10! Plus, Receive an Instant coupon for $10 off your next visit!!!
It was certain products mix and match. So I picked the Cereal (goes like water here) for which I had coupons to use to get the best deal.

2 Adobo $1.99 each 
3 Kelloggs Rice Krispies $1.79 each
4 Kelloggs Frosted Flake $1.39 each
3 Kelloggs Froot Loops $1.59 each
2.17 lbs of Grapes $2.15
2 Trop5 OJ 2/$6
2 Oreida Zesties Fries $2/5
1 Oreida Tater Tots   FREE (in store coupon)

2/ .50 off adobo
2/$1.25 off 3 Kelloggs
2/ $1 off 2 Kelloggs
1/ $1 0ff 2 Trop 5 OJ
$2 off fruit when you buy any 3 Kelloggs (so I only paid .15 for grapes!!)

Total $27.53!
and got back $10 coupon (which I will use at publix tomorrow ;)
saved $45.32


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Publix Trip 7/29

I did really good today didn't take a but I got $73 worth of food for $44!

I love that Publix takes competitors coupons!!
I used 2 Albertsons coupons today $5 off $50 and an in ad Albertsons coupon for Pork Tenderloin buy 1 get 2 FREE! each one was $11.28 so I got 3 for $11.28!!
(mom makes Pasteles/mofongo with them ...mmmm)

I will go back tomorrow to get another set of Pork Tenderloin also Albertsons has an in store coupon for London Broil buy 1 get 2 FREE which I will also get tomorrow!!!
They also have B1G2 Free Pollock Fillets.

Then to top it off I asked the manager "I know you take competitors coupons and also Walgreens rr's but do you take CVS ebs"  " Why, Yes we do"  he said.  So I also took off another $3 using eb
Hey its a bit tight now son going to college in 3 weeks and I will be closing on a house in 6 weeks I must cut corners to save!!

Oh and My husband had a cow the entire time he hates to shop and with me especially when I use coupons (he likes to be in and out) and then when I called the manager over he's like "DEB"!!  lmao!
Oh well I got to do what I got to do!! He was amazed as he watched the price go down and


Friday, July 9, 2010

Walgreens Trip 7/8

I did this in 2 transactions both are the same except for the artificial nail pricing, so I just took a pic of everything together. I put the nails on my mom see pics below....

2 Gillette Fusion Proglide power Razors $9.89 each
6 Lindsay olives sale .99
6 Packs Mechanical Pencils .19
2 Colgate MaxFresh $2.99
2 Kiss artificial nails $5.99 each and sale is b1g1 50% off
2 Fashion Diva  artificial nails $5.79 and $6.99 sale is b1g1 50% off

2/ .75 off Colgate MaxFresh
2/$2 off Kiss artificial nails kits
2/$2 off Fashion diva artificial nails kits
2 $4 off Gillette Fusion Proglide
2/ $1 off 2 Lindsay Olives
and use $18 rrs most about to expire

Paid $17.42

got back $14 in rrs
2/$2 for Colgate MaxFresh
2/$5 for Gillette Fusion Proglide

Total savings $66.46

Mom is wearing the Kiss express - stick on one day wear , here in my house more like one hour wear, next thing I knew they were all  I put a few on mine tonight as a test not to bad for a quicky and very cheap! Let's see if I wake up with them still on. I only did 4 nails (bad ones) lets see how they hold up!  The 3 below are glue and they have real pretty designs, one changes color in the sunlight. well I'm typing with the nails and so far they are on pretty good no problem!

Have A Great weekend!!